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Our cloud-native AI/ML powered platform continuously ingests and correlates millions of threat signals across your environment, giving you complete attack surface visibility

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The Challenges

Unified Approach

We offer unified visibility for your organization’s security posture. There are many siloed security tools in the industry today. With over 3,000 solutions, an average organization has 20+ security solutions deployed on its network, making it cumbersome to coordinate and respond to threats effectively

Skills Gaps and Shortage

There are not enough skills and shortage of qualified security personnel hence the need to automate and have a full visibility of your critical information assets.

Budget Constraints

With the current siloed approach, it means that organizations must purchase licenses for different security solutions that work in silos. This pushes your security budget upwards with no clear visibility to your threat posture on a unified platform. With threatseal hybrid XDR you achieve Unified visibility with a single all in one license.

Faster Detection and Response

Threatseal hybrid XDR ensures swift response and detection lowering your organizations mean time to detect or discover (MTTD) as well as Mean time to repair (MTTR).

Vendor Agnostic

Our platform adopts an open architecture that allows easy integration with your existing technology stack. This ensures the organization avoids vendor lock-ins and has the freedom to maintain the current technologies with improved detection and response offered by ThreatSeal platform.

Big Data & AI Powered

As the threats get more sophisticated, manual rules and legacy signature-based technologies are continuously becoming obsolete. Threatseal platform leverages modern big data technologies, AI, and machine Learning capabilities to offer unrivalled threat detection and response.

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  • A managed security solution that delivers the outcomes your organization demands
  • A robust advanced threat management platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders all working together for you
  • 24/7 security operations and expert remediation advice
  • Flexible coverage tailored to your individual business needs
  • Simple pricing with a lower total cost than assembling and operating on your own


Our Approach

Threatseal Platform processes over 2 billion events per day and enriches them with threat intelligence and risk context to drive faster threat detection, simplify incident response and eliminate alert fatigue


Data collected from telemetry data sources such as endpoints, firewalls, intelligence feeds, IDS/IPS, and your existing technology stack.


Collected data is contextualized to quantify the risk giving a clear visibility of the risk exposure levels.


The enriched data is analyzed through AI and Machine learning algorithms to detect threats and aggregate alerts into incidents.


Visualization through custom dashboards to allow review of the event data, patterns and anomalies identification.


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Our award-winning partner program offers exponential revenue growth, a wealth of sales and marketing tools, and extensive training and enablement to expand the security value you deliver to your customers.

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